Your RV Mailbox is Perfect for Business or Personal Mail and Packages

When you are on the road, you need a reliable way to receive your postal mail and packages, and manage them on demand, from anywhere. Having a mailing address with iPostal1 provides exactly that.

You will receive an email alert or cellphone notification when you get new mail. If you are on the move, use our app or your laptop to send mail and packages to your next destination or request a content scan for immediate viewing.

If you're camping for an extended period at one location, choose an iPostal1 location nearby for your mail and packages.

Enjoy your travels with the peace of mind that managing your mail has never been easier, no matter where you are.

RV Mail Forwarding

RV Mail Forwarding Plans

Virtual Mailing Address

With digital mailbox for me and my family.

Starting at




  • Get a real physical street address

  • View and manage your mail and packages from anywhere

  • Prevent mail and package theft

  • Protect your privacy

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Virtual Business Address

With digital mailbox for my business.

Starting at




Includes everything in Virtual Mailing Address plus:

  • Get mail in your business name

  • Use it to register your business

  • Upgrade your business image

  • Optional office building address

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Virtual Office

With digital mailbox plus phone and fax.

Starting at




Includes everything in Virtual Business Address plus:

  • Local or toll-free phone and fax

  • Call forwarding and voicemail

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Tailored offering for your company's specific needs.

Custom pricing

Available solutions include:

  • Digital mailroom

  • Software licensing

  • White-label partnerships

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* Plan pricing varies by "Standard", "Select", "Premium", or "Prestige" mailbox locations.

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RV Mail Service Locations

iPostal1 mailbox locations are professionally-staffed and secure. We can receive your mail and packages and then forward, scan, recycle, shred or let you pick them up. Access your digital mailbox using our app or website.

Choose from our network of over 3,000 locations or view only office buildings and workspaces or discounted international forwarding locations to save up to 80% on international shipping from the U.S.

How RV Mail Forwarding Works

  1. Choose a Location and Plan. Choose a physical address from 3,000 digital mailbox locations across the U.S. Then select the plan that is best for you, depending on how much mail you expect to receive.
  2. Redirect Your Mail. To receive mail at your new address, file a Temporary Change of Address form with the USPS and/or notify senders directly.
  3. Receive Mail & Packages from Any Carrier. Because every iPostal1 RV mailbox address is a real street address, not a standard postal box, you can receive mail and packages not only from the USPS, but also from FedEx, UPS, and other carriers. We send an email alert and cellphone notification when you get new mail.
  4. View and Manage Your Mail from Anywhere. Use our free app or any computer to view an image of the outside of each mail item you receive. With a click or tap, tell your mail center what you want to do with each item: forward to any address, open and scan mall content, discard/shred unwanted mail or schedule a pickup. You can even deposit a check by mail.
  5. Add Locations with Just a Click. Once you create your account, it is fast and easy to add additional RV mailbox addresses for business or personal use. Manage mail for all addresses from one login.

8 Benefits of Using iPostal1 RV Mail for Your RV Mail Forwarding

  • No hassle reliability

    Keep your iPostal1 address for as long as you like to receive and manage your mail and packages. By directing senders to use your iPostal1 mailing address, you don’t have to remember to tell the post office when to hold your mail and where to forward it - and hope they get it right.

  • On-demand mail services

    You can Forward mail and packages to as many different addresses as you like, anywhere in the world, when you want, how you want. See real-time shipping cost comparisons for different carriers and service levels -- select what works best for you. Deposit checks by mail. Discard or shred unwanted items.

  • Secure package and mail receiving

    No more worry about mail, checks, bills, or packages piling up in an insecure area while you are away. All iPostal1 RV mailing addresses are professionally-staffed, secure, street address locations able to receive your mail and packages from any carrier. Store letters for up to 30 days at no extra cost.

  • Fast access to mail content

    While away, you can read mail from anywhere the same day it arrives with our Open & Scan service. When you receive an important piece of mail that requires your immediate attention, request a scan and receive a PDF of the mail content in your iPostal1 inbox in hours.

  • Cloud storage instead of paper clutter

    Request a scan of mail content, then download the PDF to store on your laptop. If you want to reduce paper clutter, request a discard or shred of physical mail originals.

  • Easier online shopping

    When shopping online, send packages to your iPostal1 RV mailbox, where deliveries are accepted from any carrier and securely stored. Forward them to arrive at your next destination by selecting the level of service you need that meets your timing and budget. See real-time shipping prices. Consolidate multiple packages into one box to save on shipping.

  • Addresses in Montana and Idaho

    Many RV’ers choose to register their vehicles in states where they can save money. Montana and Idaho are among the most popular. Do your homework and consult with someone who knows the rules and regulations. iPostal1 has addresses throughout the U.S., so if you need a Montana or Idaho address, we have you covered.

  • Phone and fax line for business

    Select an iPostal1 Virtual Office plan to add a local or toll free phone line and fax for your business. Get phone forwarding to your personal cellphone and replay voicemail messages from your Digital Mailbox inbox. Create a complete business presence while protecting your privacy and projecting a professional company image.

iPostal1 RV Mail Forwarding Reviews

iPostal1 sets high standards at all our mail centers for servicing our customers. Our Customer Service team in our New York office will take your calls or respond to your emails promptly whenever you have a question or need support.

Check our reviews on Trustpilot, where customers have given us an ‘Excellent’ rating, or our Google Reviews, where we've earned a 4.8 of 5 rating. We're a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.

We hear from people with all kinds of RV mail forwarding and mail management needs who tell us they are so glad that they found iPostal1 and cannot believe how affordable it is.

  • Google Review, from Dale

    If you are looking for a way to forward mail all over the country...this place is it!!!! When we sold our house and went RV full-time, we asked around. Seems there are many of us doing this, and we have swayed people by our experiences with iPostal. FYI...US post office cannot keep up with the ever-changing addresses!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  • Google Review, from Lenny

    Excellent service and friendly staff. We're full time RVers and they provide an outstanding service.

  • Google Review, from Robert

    We traveled in our RV for three months. When there was mail we had it forwarded to our next stop and it was waiting when we arrived. I wish I'd had this service sooner.

  • Google Review, from Mary

    These are great people. Friendly and helpful. They take care of us and our mail. Could not be full time RVers without them.

  • BBB Review, from Janice

    I live in a RV and travel as an agency nurse, iPostal keeps me in touch with the world by providing me my mail weekly wherever I am and seeing that I can review mail online as it arrives, invaluable service.

RV Mail Forwarding Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RV Mail Forwarding Service?

An RV Mail Forwarding Service provides a way for you to receive mail and packages while you are RVing. You redirect your mail to the mailing address of the RV mailing service, which then forwards your mail to the address you give them.

However, be aware that the service level, price, features, and benefits that come with various RV mail services can differ greatly. Some RV mail forwarding services, for example, include neither Digital Mailbox service nor check deposits by mail. Be sure to research and compare to decide which service best meets your need and budget.

Why choose iPostal1 for My RV Mail Forwarding?

With some services, mail will be forwarded on a fixed schedule. They may have limited address flexibility. iPostal1 offers Digital Mailbox service, with the ability to view and manage any mail and package from wherever you are with an app or laptop. iPostal1 has over mailing addresses to choose from, far more than any other Digital Mailbox mail service.

You receive an email notification or phone alert when new mail arrives and see an image of the outside of each mail item. With just a click, indicate what you want to forward, open and scan, discard, or shred.

You see real-time shipping prices so you can choose the carrier and level of service that best meets your delivery timing and budget. All this for a monthly mailbox rental fee as low as $9.99 per month.

How do I receive My RV Mail and Packages?

There are two steps for receiving mail and packages. First, you need to inform your senders of the mailing address that you chose and/or file a Temporary Change-of-Address form with your local post office to forward your mail to this address.

Second, with iPostal1, when you are alerted that new mail has arrived, use your app or laptop to view the mail items in your personal Digital Mailbox and then select what you want to do with each mail item.

When forwarding mail, you will provide the ship-to address and be able to choose the carrier and level of service you want. You will even see real-time shipping prices and can consolidate mail and packages into one box to save on shipping.

Does iPostal1 have addresses in Montana and Idaho?

Yes, iPostal1 does. Many RV’ers want an address in Montana or Idaho, so we have you covered. Some states are better than others for registering motorhomes, trailers, or a camper.

Check the various regulations or consult with someone who knows them. Some states charge less than others for registering recreational vehicles.

How can I get My RV Mail scanned?

iPostal1 makes it extremely easy to receive a PDF of mail content to view from your account via our app or your laptop. Just click on the mail item and select Scan as your task request. Your mail center will open that mail item and scan the content.

You will be able to read, store or download the PDF. After downloading your PDF, you can request that the original mail item be discarded or shredded. Cost is as little as $1.50 per envelope scan of up to ten pages as part of a Scan-Shred Bundle of 20.

How many addresses can I ship to?

Ship to as many different addresses as you like, when you want, how you want. You have total flexibility to ship any mail item wherever you want in the U.S. You can set up shipping addresses in your Digital Mailbox in advance, so they are ready when you need them.

How do I know my package will arrive on time at my next destination?

Package forwarding is a critical need for those enjoying the RV lifestyle. If you are going to be at your next campground for 3 days, you want your package to arrive when you are there.

With iPostal1, you get to choose the carrier and level of service for each mail item. You can choose the delivery timing that you need, be it overnight, two-day, or slower ground service, so your shipment arrives when you need it to.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the package, the destination, and the level of service you choose whether ground, overnight, 2-day, UPS, FedEx or USPS.

The good news is that iPostal1 lets you see real-time shipping prices for each carrier and level of service, so you can make an informed decision for each shipment to meet your delivery timing and budget needs.

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