Frequently Asked Questions

Who receives my mail? How is it different than a PO Box?
All addresses are professionally-staffed, secure, full-service locations able to receive your mail and packages. Your location is a real street address that can receive packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS, as well as magazines and mail. With a PO Box, only USPS deliveries are accepted, and you don't get any of the benefits of having your own Digital Mailbox, with 24/7 access to your mail from anywhere.
What will my address look like?

Addresses vary by location. Your personal mailbox number will most often appear on the same line as the street address. Some locations are suite addresses. You cannot choose your own box number.

Sample address:

Your Name or Company Name
400 Rella Blvd. Suite 123
Montebello, NY 10901

When can you start accepting mail or packages for me?
We can accept mail or packages as soon as you create an account. However, you cannot access your mail until you submit a signed Form 1583 and two forms of ID.
How will I know if mail or packages arrived at my address?
You will receive alerts via push notification to your phone or email whenever something has been received.
Should I file a temporary change of address form with my post office?
You can file a Temporary Change of Address form with your local post office in order to have your 1st Class mail forwarded to your Digital Mailbox mailing address. A Temporary Change of Address is good for 6 months and may be renewed for another 6 months
Can I use my mailing address as a permanent address?
Yes, you can use your address for all of your mailing needs ongoing. However, if you file a Permanent Change of Address form with the USPS to forward your mail, be aware that the USPS will not forward mail from your mailing address to a new address. For long-term use, sign up for the One Year plan, pay for only ten months, and get two months free!
What do you do with junk mail?
We carefully sort out and recycle or discard all junk mail such as flyers, circulars, advertising, and catalogs, classified by the USPS as 'Standard Mail.' Junk mail does not count toward your items per month received.
Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.
Can more than one person share a mailbox?
Yes. You may add up to 4 additional names onto your mailbox. Make sure to add the additional names in box 12 of Form 1583. Each person added will require their two forms of ID. Adding additional names after 30 days from signup may require an additional fee.
Can I open more than one mailbox?
Yes. Click the ‘Add Location’ button in your online mailbox. Choose from over 750 locations. View and manage all your mailbox locations from one login.
Can I cancel my plan?
You may cancel your service at any time prior to the next billing date to prevent automatic renewal. To do so, look under Account > Manage in your online mailbox or under Settings in the app.
What is your refund policy?
You may receive a full refund for the mailbox rental fee within the first 30 days if you did not use your account to receive mail or for any other purpose. If you qualify, you must contact iPostal1 to request a refund. .
Can I change my plan?
Yes. If you have a monthly plan, you may change your plan at any time, effective with the next billing period. You may also change from a monthly plan to a yearly plan, effective with the next billing period. But you may not change from a yearly plan to a monthly plan until the yearly billing period ends.
Can I get deep discounts on international shipping?
Yes, you can save up to 80% on international shipping from the U.S. with locations listed on our International Shipping Locations page.
What is Form 1583? Why is it necessary?
Form 1583 provides basic information to verify the identity of the postal mailbox renter and to indicate the Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) that receives and handles mail on behalf of the mailbox renter. The United State Postal Service requires that Form 1583 be filed with the CMRA, which delivers it to a local post office and keeps a copy on file. Form 1583 must be properly signed by the mailbox renter and notarized by a notary public, justice of the peace, bank officer, or lawyer. Only after the CMRA has a properly completed Form 1583 with two valid forms of ID, will you be able to access and request tasks for your mail.
Which ID's can I provide for Form 1583?
Two forms of identification are required. At least one ID must have a photograph of the mail recipient. Acceptable ID's include: valid driver's license or state non-driver's identification card; armed forces, government, university or recognized corporate identification card; passport or alien registration card or certificate of naturalization; current lease, mortgage or deed of trust; voter or vehicle registration card; or a home or vehicle insurance policy. Unacceptable ID's include: Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates.
What is a notary public?
A Notary Public is someone with legal authority to witness and certify a signature. Lawyers, accountants and local banks often provide notary service, sometimes at no cost. iPostal1 also offers the convenience of using an online notary service at a nominal cost, in case you do not have access to a Notary Public where you live.
How do I send the 1583 form and ID to you?
We make it easy for you to submit your information. First, you can download a Form 1583 right from your Digital Mailbox already filled in with your information, other than any additional mailbox recipient names. After you sign and get it notarized, with the click of a button, you can upload a scan of your Form 1583 and ID's directly from your Digital Mailbox to your mailing address location. Alternatively, you can scan and email them or send by postal mail to your mailing address location. We are unable to accept forms via fax.
For a family, how many 1583 forms need to be filled out?
Adult children (age 18 and older) must provide their own signed and notarized Form 1583 and 2 forms of ID.
I don't have a company. What should I write in the Form 1583?
Leave the company information on Form 1583 blank. Your account will be opened in your personal name.
How long does it take to process my 1583 form?
The 1583 forms are reviewed before being accepted. Allow a day or two for the 1583 form to be approved. If you have any questions about a form that was submitted, please contact your mail center directly. You will find their contact information at the bottom of your confirmation e-mail.
Can I use the same 1583 form for multiple locations?
No. You must file a new 1583 form for each mailbox location you open.
How do you ship my packages?
Mail address locations utilize a variety of carriers, including UPS, FedEx, DHL and USPS. You may choose any carrier and level of service offered by your location to your destination address, depending on when you need the package and how much you want to pay.
Can I choose to have packages forwarded via USPS?
The vast majority of mail center locations offer USPS service.
Are there any items that I cannot ship?
Most items that you ship do not have any restrictions, but some do. To help you avoid any problems, please familiarize yourself with our Do Not Ship List for domestic shipments within the U.S. and for exports from the U.S. Hazardous materials that may not be shipped include perfume, alcohol, hair spray, spray paint, and any other flammable or pressurized items.
How long can I hold mail or packages in my mailboxes?
Every item qualifies for free 30 day storage upon arrival. After that time there is a storage fee of $1.00 per item per pound. Items under 1 pound = 1 pound. To avoid storage charges, recycle, shred, forward, or pick up mail items.
Who is listed as the sender of forwarded packages?
The sender will be your mailing address shipping store.
Can I consolidate letters or packages before forwarding?
Yes. You can consolidate letters into one large envelope for forwarding or consolidate the content of several packages into one package before forwarding. You can also consolidate letters and packages into one box. There is no charge for consolidating letters. There is a small fee for package consolidation plus the cost of packaging materials.
Will all my mail automatically be forwarded to my mailbox address?
It is up to you to share your new address with the people who will be sending mail to you. If you would like your mail forwarded to this address, please fill out a CHANGE OF ADDRESS form with the USPS. The USPS will forward all 1st Class mail. We recommend using the TEMPORARY CHANGE OF ADDRESS form, good for 6 months and renewable, so that you can re-direct forwarding if you need to change mailing address location or cancel your account.
How often will you send me my mail?
You decide on the frequency that your packages or mail are sent. Options include; on request, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. You can change your frequency option or forwarding address at any time.
Can I send mail or packages to different addresses?
Yes. We can forward your mail or packages to different addresses, including hotels. When choosing to ship your item, just select the shipping address from your online address book, or enter a new address. You can store as many addresses as you like to make shipping easy.
Can I remove an invoice from a package before forwarding?
Yes. For a small fee, you can request that an invoice be removed before forwarding. This is a nice feature for sending gifts to family, friends, or clients.
If someone googles my business mailing address, will it come up?
In order for your business to appear on a Google search, you will need to 1) list your business address on Google or 2) advertise on Google with your business address.
Can I have more than one business with my mailbox?
No. Sorry, only one business name per mailbox account.
Does a business account require Form 1583?
Just like a personal account, unless a Form 1583 is filed with 2 forms of proper ID, you will not be able to access your mail.
Can I get phone and fax with my digital mailbox?
Yes. Sign up for our Virtual Office service and get phone forwarding, voice mail messaging with personal greeting, and dedicated electronic fax. Order a phone or fax line in any U.S. city. International phone forwarding is available as well. Receive a fax directly into your personal Digital Mailbox as a PDF.
How do I order a phone and fax line?
You can order a phone and fax line right from your Digital Mailbox in just a few minutes.
What does it cost to get phone and fax service?
Virtual Office plans start at $39.99 per month. Competitive rates per call and per fax apply.
Is my business location a registered agent?
Some address locations are registered agents, but this is not part of our service offering at this time.