Virtual Mailbox Features

The #1 Virtual Mailbox Service in the World


    Get a real street address with your personal or company mailbox number. Not a PO Box - receive mail and packages from any carrier. Fully functional for banking, credit cards, and all personal or business use. Add address locations with just a click.

  • Digital Mailbox

    Manage your mail and packages from anywhere, 24/7, with an app for Android or iPhone, or go online. See a picture of all the items in your inbox. With just a click, tell us what you want to do with each item - forward, open and scan, shred, recycle or pick it up.

  • Business Phone & Fax

    Virtual Office Plans include Local or Toll Free company phone number with personalized greeting, domestic and international phone forwarding, digital voice mail. Dedicated electronic fax. LEARN MORE

  • Document scanning

    When you receive mail that requires your immediate attention, request a Scan and view a PDF of the mail content in your Digital Mailbox in hours. Store documents in the cloud - you get 2 GB free cloud storage.

  • Mail and Package Forwarding

    Forward mail and packages to as many different addresses as you like, anywhere in the world. See real-time shipping cost comparisons for different carriers and service levels. Save up to 80% on international shipping from the U.S. with locations listed on our Discounted International Forwarding Locations page.

  • Package Consolidation

    Combine multiple packages into one box to save big on shipping. Combine letters into one package to save on forwarding.

  • Check Deposit

    Let us deposit a check directly into your account, as long as your bank accepts mail-in deposits. Stop worrying about the security of checks at an unattended mailbox when you are away from home or the office, or abroad.

  • Contacts Manager

    Unlimited online address book for all your shipping addresses and contact information. Store addresses of family and friends - just 'click and ship' gifts and packages. Store customer addresses for direct shipment worldwide.

Sign up for the virtual mailbox plan that works best for you!

  • Virtual Mailing Address

    With Digital Mailbox for me or my family. Starting at $9.99/month.

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  • Virtual Business Address

    With Digital Mailbox for My Business. Starting at $9.99/month.

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  • Virtual Office

    With Digital Mailbox plus phone and fax. Starting at $39.99/month.

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