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If you have a home-based business or you need an address for your business in another city, for as little as $14.99 per month you can now get a virtual business address that is a real street address. Upgrade your business image, register your company, and protect your privacy. Receive postal mail and packages from any carrier at a secure location.

With our virtual business address service, view and manage your mail from anywhere with an app or online. Even deposit a check. Add phone and fax for a complete virtual office presence. Add locations with just a click to create a local presence in multiple markets. Save up to 80% on international shipping from the U.S. with locations listed on our Discounted International Forwarding Locations page.

  • Who it's for

  • How it works

    • Choose your own U.S. or international real street address
    • See a picture of items in your inbox
    • Manage your postal mail with our free app or online
    • Add locations with just a click.
  • Features

    • Forward, recycle, shred, or pickup mail, deposit a check
    • Open and scan mail to view mail content, upload documents
    • Unlimited free cloud storage for easy access to your scans and voice messages from anywhere
    • Add phone and fax to create a Virtual Office

iPostal1 Digital Mailbox Plans

Virtual Mailing Address

With digital mailbox for me and my family.

Starting at




  • Get a real physical street address

  • View and manage your mail and packages from anywhere

  • Prevent mail and package theft

  • Protect your privacy

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Virtual Business Address

With digital mailbox for my business.

Starting at




Includes everything in Virtual Mailing Address plus:

  • Get mail in your business name

  • Use it to register your business

  • Upgrade your business image

  • Optional office building address

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Virtual Office

With digital mailbox plus phone and fax.

Starting at




Includes everything in Virtual Business Address plus:

  • Local or toll-free phone and fax

  • Call forwarding and voicemail

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Tailored offering for your company's specific needs.

Custom pricing

Available solutions include:

  • Digital mailroom

  • Software licensing

  • White-label partnerships

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* Plan pricing varies by "Standard", "Select", "Premium", or "Prestige" mailbox locations.

Virtual Business Address Locations

iPostal1 mailbox locations are professionally-staffed and secure. We can receive your mail and packages and then forward, scan, recycle, shred or let you pick them up. Access your digital mailbox using our app or website.

Choose from our network of over 3,000 locations or view only office buildings and workspaces or discounted international forwarding locations to save up to 80% on international shipping from the U.S.

Virtual Business Address Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address is a real street address at a mail center or in a prestigious office building location where you elect to receive your business mail and packages. It is not a PO box. Unfortunately, a post office box cannot be used to register your new business, nor can it be used to receive all your packages.

An iPostal1 virtual business address is a real street address and can serve as your company mailing address and as a business mailbox to receive all your packages. At your iPostal1 virtual business address, all your postal mail and packages are securely received by professional staff. Our digital mailbox technology lets you use an app or go online to view and manage your mail from anywhere. With just a click, you forward, open and scan mail, discard unwanted mail, or schedule a pickup if you live close by.

You can add local or toll-free phone and fax to give your virtual business address a strong market presence and with over 3,000 virtual business address locations available, you can easily add additional addresses from within your account to expand the footprint of your business. Only iPostal1 offers virtual addresses with both digital mailbox capability and the option to add local or toll-free phone forwarding, voice messaging, and fax.

We think you’ll agree that using your home address for your business could hurt your company image and slow your growth. Imagine instead having a , whether close to where you live, in another city or state, or even in another country, all the while continuing to work from home.

But isn’t that expensive? Not when you get a virtual business address with iPostal1 that starts at just $14.99 per month.

Learn more below about why having a virtual business address is so important and how iPostal1 makes it easy it is to set one up.

Why is a Virtual Business Address necessary?

People who run a home-based business or who want to expand their business presence into new markets need virtual business addresses.

Running a business from home is a great way to save money, save time and get a new business off the ground. However, using your home address for your business doesn’t look as professional or offer the same privacy as having a separate virtual business address for your company. It is difficult to protect your privacy and your family when your home address is your business mailing address. Additionally, if you want to formally register your business or apply for a loan, your home address won’t work.

As a business grows, needs and objectives change. Many companies already have a business address and maybe their own office space, but they can’t afford to open offices in other cities, states or countries to expand their market presence. But with iPostal1, they can afford to add multiple virtual business addresses and make it easy for customers to find and contact them in many new markets.

With iPostal1, you add another virtual business address with just a click. iPostal1 offers the largest network of virtual business addresses worldwide with over 3,000 across the U.S. and internationally, each equipped with digital mailbox capability that lets you view and manage your mail and packages from anywhere with our iPhone and Android apps or online.

Every iPostal1 address is a real street address, unlike a USPS PO box, so you can use it to register your company and receive packages from UPS and FedEx. All mail is received and handled by professional staff at your virtual business mail address, not forwarded on to a central processing facility like some other companies do, which causes delays and requires your mail to be handled multiple times.

Mail forwarding to your home or far away is easy and transparent. You see real time shipping prices for multiple carriers and levels of service, so you can choose the option that best meets your needs and budget.

How does a Virtual Address for business work?

After you sign up for a virtual address for business, you can use your new business address as your company address to register your business, list it on your website or business cards, and use it to securely receive your business mail and packages. Our mail center locations are real street addresses at either professional retail pack and ship stores or impressive office buildings, primarily with executive business centers.

All mail and packages are received, stored and handled at your virtual business address location, not forwarded to a central processing facility. Digital mailbox plans for businesses start at only $14.99 at most locations including up to 30 pieces of received mail each month at no additional charge.

You will see on the app or in your online mailbox a clear image of the outside of every piece of mail or package received, including the sender information, so you can easily identify every item. Then, with just a click or two, you can forward mail and packages to any address. You will see real-time shipping prices for different carriers and levels of service, so you know exactly what each shipment will cost and when it will arrive.

Because you get digital mailbox service with your iPostal1 virtual business address, you can view your mail from anywhere by downloading the free iPostal1 app or logging into your personal digital mailbox online. You receive a push notification to your phone and an email each time new postal mail arrives.

If you want to view what’s inside a letter without having to wait for it to be forwarded, request a scan of that item, and it will appear as a PDF in your digital mailbox, where you can read, download or save it. If you want to discard unwanted mail, you have the option to request to discard it at no charge, or to shred it. If you live near your mailing address, you can schedule a pickup. You can even deposit a check by mail.

The fees for scanning, shredding or picking up mail are posted under the Pricing menu tab. We charge your credit card or PayPal account each month for your mailbox fee and whenever a specific requested mail task is completed. You receive an email notification whenever a charge is made.

Now that you know how a virtual address for business works, continue reading to see how easy it is to set up.

How do I set up a Virtual Address for business?

Setting up a virtual business address with iPostal1 is easy. You can choose one or many addresses in different locations. It only takes a few minutes to get a virtual business address.

  1. Choose a Plan. iPostal1 offers Digital Mailbox plans based on how much mail you expect to receive a month. provide a local or toll-free phone and fax number.
  2. Choose an Address. Select from over 3,000 in the U.S. and other countries. Quickly and easily set up a virtual business address in multiple locations to create a broader market presence and manage mail from all locations with one login.
  3. Checkout. At checkout, provide your business information plus credit card or PayPal account.
  4. File Form 1583. If you chose a U.S. address, upload Form 1583 directly from your digital mailbox. This form is required by the United States Postal Service, along with two forms of ID, to receive and manage your mail. iPostal1 helps you do this, so it’s easy.
  5. Redirect your mail. If you have been using a dedicated business address, file a Change of Address form with your local post office or file online with the USPS. Inform business contacts of your new business mailing address.

Yes, with an iPostal1 virtual business address, you can schedule a mail pickup, or you can choose one of our other optional services like forwarding, discarding or shredding. It provides flexibility in how you handle your mail, making it a convenient choice for managing postal communications.

A virtual business address safeguards your privacy by providing a real street address in a location of your choice, separate from your home or personal address. This ensures that your personal information remains confidential, while still maintaining a professional image for your business. Moreover, with a virtual business address, your mail and packages are securely received and managed, adding an extra layer of privacy and security to your business operations.

If you use a PO box as a business address, you will be limited to USPS deliveries; however, a virtual business address can accept packages from carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Amazon. Moreover, iPostal1 provides the convenience of online mail management, giving businesses more control over their correspondence. Access your mail from anywhere 24/7 using our app or website.

If you own a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), especially one operating from a residential or home address, a virtual business address service can enhance your professional image. It protects your privacy, provides a dedicated address for all business correspondence, and is ideal for those looking to establish a presence in multiple cities.

Using a virtual business address to have a real street address in a sought-after location enhances credibility. This is beneficial for startups, home-based businesses, or any entity needing a full business presence, ensuring privacy and a dedicated address for business-related mail.

A residential address pertains to an individual's home, while a virtual business address provides a real street address at a designated location. Using the latter for business purposes establishes a separation between personal and professional correspondence, while keeping your home address from the public.

iPostal1's virtual business address locations are professionally-staffed and secure. All iPostal1 virtual business address locations are approved by the USPS as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). Your mail and packages are received and securely stored until you request that they be forwarded, scanned, shredded, discarded, or picked up.

iPostal1 Virtual Business Address Reviews

iPostal1 sets high standards at all our mail centers for servicing our customers. Our Customer Service team in our New York office will take your calls or respond to your emails promptly whenever you have a question or need support.

Check our reviews on Trustpilot, where customers have given us an 'Excellent’ rating, or our Sitejabber reviews, where we've earned a 4.7 of 5 rating. We're a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating. We hear from people with all kinds of business address and mail management needs who tell us they’re so glad that they found iPostal1 and can’t believe how affordable it is.

  • Review from Mike

    iPostal1 has been great for me. As a small business that mostly works remote from different areas, having the ability to use a permanent business address, receive and view mail and even forward or deposit checks is absolutely great. I think without this it would make things very difficult for me.

  • Review from Alexi

    iPostal1 is an amazing service to those who want to have a mailbox address in a metropolitan city of their choice; furthermore, the virtual capabilities are excellent. I am able to check the contents of my mail from wherever I am located. I love that the prices are reasonable, and the technology is intuitive and simple to use. Thank you, iPostal1. As I said earlier...You are amazing!

  • Review from Kurtis

    Very convenient and easy-to-setup-and-use postal service. Has met my business needs thus far. Would highly recommended for anyone considering a virtual postbox solution. Thank you.

  • Review from David

    I'm a US executive and business owner living abroad with my family in the Middle East. I have used iPostal1 in Seattle for over three years now. It's been an excellent relationship and a convenient way to cost-effectively manage my US mail. I particularly like the ability to use services in an a-la-cart fashion… I can't recommend this service enough and highly recommend it as a solution to international clients such as myself.

  • Review from Glen

    Have both personal mail & business mail with them, truck driver so always on the road, this is my home address because live on the road, being able to handle my mail all from the app online is the biggest help, in person always nice & professional.

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