Top Digital Mailbox Software & App for Channel Partners

16 Million Reasons to Partner with iPostal1

iPostal1, the leading global provider of digital mailbox software, sent $16M in revenue to partner locations in 2021. We invest heavily in advertising to acquire virtual clients who need a real street address for business or personal use and the convenience of a digital mailbox.

With iPostal1 digital technology, clients can view an outside image of their postal mail and packages with an app or online, then request to forward, open and scan, discard or pickup items.

With over 2,500 addresses listed, iPostal1 is the top digital mailbox channel partner for retail pack and ship stores, flexible workspaces, and other mail center operations. Our technology is the best in the industry and easy to use, with the fastest mail insertion, fully automated payment processing, and robust credit card screening.

Channel partners can also offer digital mailbox service directly to their existing customers using the same great mailroom software and app.