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Review and Comparison

PostScan Mail and iPostal1 both offer virtual mailbox services, but iPostal1 has 5 times as many real street addresses, costs less, and offers plans that come with phone and fax. iPostal1 provides thousands of reviews that can be found on multiple sources, as well as comparisons vs. other services to help you make an informed choice. We hope you find this PostScan Mail review of value.

Topline Summary

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail offers roughly 400 mailing addresses that are advertised as real street addresses, but per their FAQ, some of their addresses are USPS PO Boxes, which cannot receive packages from the UPS and cannot be used to register your business. Monthly mailbox prices begin at $15 for the Starter plan, at $20 for the Standard plan, and at $30 for the Premium plan. These prices include a set amount of received mail, open and scans, and recipients.


With iPostal1, you can select from 3,000 real street addresses at professional pack and ship stores and coworking spaces in prestigious office buildings, starting at $9.99 per month for up to 30 mail items, with additional plans available for higher mail volume. Find the address you want, whether close to where you live or work, or in another city, at a rock bottom price. Why pay a higher mailbox fee that includes ‘free’ content scans you may never need? When you sign up for our Virtual Office plan, you get digital mailbox service plus phone forwarding, voice mail messaging with personal greeting, and dedicated electronic fax for as little as $39.99.

Company Overview

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is a virtual mailbox and address service that began their launch phase in 2010 and opened for business in 2012. They began using real street addresses in 2020. The corporate location is in Anaheim, California. They have roughly 400 mail recipient locations. They offer three plans that allow users to receive, scan, forward, shred and filter mail via the online site or an app. The price of each plan increases according to the number of incoming mail items per month, opens and scans included, and recipients.


iPostal1 is the worldwide leader in the digital mailbox industry, introducing digital mailbox technology in 2007 at our own retail pack and ship store, and improving it every year since. Launched in 2015, iPostal1 is now the largest provider network with over 3,000 locations in the US and abroad.

Mail and packages are received, stored and handled at your selected address. You view and manage your mail and packages with an app for iPhone or Android, or online. You can request to open and scan, forward, shred, discard, or pick up mail with just a few clicks. At many locations, you can even deposit a check by mail. Plans are designed to deliver great value, depending on how much mail you expect, with an option to add phone and fax for a virtual office presence.

How iPostal1 is Different vs. PostScan Mail

  1. More addresses. There are over 3,000 real street addresses in the iPostal1 network at professional pack and ship stores and executive business centers in prestigious office buildings, with new ones added weekly. PostScan Mail has about 400 locations, that may or may not be USPS PO boxes. Get the iPostal1 city address you want for your business, whether in your state or another.

  2. Lower cost. The fact is you can get a virtual mailbox with iPostal1 for $9.99 at over 2500 locations that includes 30 mail items per month. With PostScan Mail, you would pay $15, which also includes 30 mail items per month and 5 open and scans. Why pay more for ‘free scanning’ if you don’t need it? If you do a lot of mail content scanning every month, you will save money with iPostal1 by using the Scan discount bundles.

  3. Real-time shipping prices. With iPostal1 you see real-time shipping prices for any item you want to forward, so you can choose the carrier and service level option that best meets your need and budget. PostScan Mail claims to provide real-time shipping prices but our research proves otherwise.

  4. Stop porch piracy. With over 3,000 addresses, odds are there is an iPostal1 location near where you live or work. That means you can shop online all you want and send your packages to your iPostal1 address, where they will be received and stored securely until you are ready to pick them up. Stop worrying about your packages being stolen when you are away from home.

  5. Plans with phone and fax. With iPostal1 Virtual office plans, you can create a complete office presence with a local or toll-free phone line and fax. Have calls forwarded or get a voice mail message in your digital mailbox inbox. Only iPostal1 offers digital mailbox plans with phone and fax.

Feature Comparison: PostScan Mail vs. iPostal1

Feature iPostal1 PostScan Mail
Real street addresses Over 3,000 About 400
PO Box addresses None Some
Digital Mailbox Plan pricing Starting at $9.99 $15 to $30
Free mail items received per month 30 to 240 30 to Unlimited
Plans that come with local phone and fax Yes, from $39.99 No
View and manage mail with an app For iPhone and Android For iPhone and Android
Pick up mail All locations All locations
Check deposit by mail Most locations No
Free letter mail storage 30 days 30 days
Extended storage for letter mail $1.10 per envelope per month $.05 per envelope per day
Additional mail items above plan maximum $.35 per item $.50 per item
Free package storage 30 days for most packages, 5 to 10 days for larger packages 7 days
Real-time shipping prices with choice of carriers Yes No
Content Scans $1.50 per envelope up to 10 pages with Scan Bundle Limited number of 'Free' Scans included with plan, then $2.00 per envelope up to 10 pages
Recycling and Shredding Yes Yes
Mail recipients after plan pricing Up to five names or four names plus a company name 1 with Starter plan, 2 with standard plan, then $5 per additional name

Help Me Decide

Unless you need to scan mail content every month, iPostal1 offers a host of advantages at a lower cost, including the largest network of real street addresses in the U.S., as well as international locations.

The iPostal1 Customer Service team can answer your questions or deal with any issues that might arise. iPostal1 is BBB accredited with an A+ rating. Customers give iPostal1 high ratings on every major review site. But don’t take our word for it - check out the reviews yourself!

iPostal1, LLC BBB Business Review

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