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While the pandemic certainly accelerated the demand for flex space through the broad acceptance of remote work by both businesses and employees, the flex space industry was already on track to register robust growth. In fact, JLL, a leading commercial real estate company, has predicted that by 2030 flexible workspaces will account for 30% of commercial office space—an extraordinary increase from their pre-pandemic level of just 3%.

Yoder and Edmundson

(Pictured above: McKenna Yoder and William Edmundson at the GCUC event)

William Edmundson, iPostal1's Senior Vice President overseeing global coworking relationships recently represented the company at the Global Coworking Unconference (GCUC) event in Chicago. He was also a speaker at the 2023 Immersive event in Houston sponsored by the Global Workspace Association, where he was formerly Board President and Executive Director, and continues in an advisory role.

In reflecting on these experiences, William commented, "JLL's forecast of the explosive growth in the flex space industry was amply evident in a significant increase in attendance at both events over participation in previous years. Moreover, among the many new attendees were industry outsiders who want to capitalize on the projected growth of the flex space industry.

"Not surprisingly, the intensified competition in the industry is driving established operators to identify opportunities to enhance the value they provide to their members, motivating an increasing number of them to offer iPostal1's digital mailbox service as an amenity."

How Workspace Members Benefit from an iPostal1 Digital Mailbox

Flex space operators' procedures for informing members about mail and packages they receive aren't standardized throughout the industry. Some notify members when they receive mail, while others require members to contact them to learn whether mail and packages have been received and, if so, the details regarding the senders. In either case, members may not have prompt access to this information, resulting in delays in responding to mail, which can negatively affect their customer relationships.

In contrast, iPostal1 users have 24/7 access to their mail and packages without needing to depend on the availability of workspace staff. They are promptly alerted to the arrival of new mail and use the iPostal1 app or website to view the outside image of each mail item inserted in their personal digital mailbox. They can forward mail, request that mail content be scanned to view in their digital mailbox, arrange for unwanted mail to be shredded or discarded, or schedule a pickup. They can even deposit checks by mail.

In short, workspace members enjoy greater productivity stemming from the time and cost savings inherent in using an iPostal1 digital mailbox:

  • They avoid spending time on emails, texts, and calls with workspace staff to learn whether any mail or packages were received and from whom.
  • They do not need to make special trips to a coworking facility or a traditional post office box to retrieve mail and packages that require immediate attention.
  • They have 24/7 access to their mail, so they aren't limited to scheduling their visits to the workspace or post office during those facilities' hours of operation, traveling during inclement weather, or incurring any gas expense.

How Workspace Operators Benefit by Offering the iPostal1 Digital Mailbox to Members

Workspace personnel are relieved of the responsibility to notify members when they receive mail and packages, so they can focus on other tasks. In addition, it typically entails a relatively modest amount of time to support members' utilization of an iPostal1 digital mailbox. Specifically,

  • Only about 48% of digital mailbox customers receive mail in any given month. Of those who do, only 3.5 mail items are received by customers in a typical month. On average, workspace staff usually receive fewer than one digital mail task request in any month.
  • iPostal1's advanced technology maximizes workspace staff productivity. The iWorkSpaceMail app can automatically insert one letter per second and provides real-time shipping prices. Servicing 100 digital mailbox customers typically entails no more than 30 minutes a day.

William added, "The amount of time required to service members' use of iPostal1 is amply justified by the revenue that workspace operators can derive from recurring monthly fees, tasks and storage. Moreover, above and beyond upgrading existing members to the iPostal1 digital mailbox experience, our significant investment in marketing campaigns provides a second revenue stream from remote customers who select a workspace location as their business address.

"With iPostal1's growth accelerating at a higher rate each month, some partners have seen revenue increase to a level that justifies additional support."

Benefits to All iPostal1 Customers

iPostal1 continues to command the leading position in the digital mailbox industry, currently offering over 2,750 physical street addresses in the U.S. and abroad. Our vast network of locations gives all our customers the broadest array of choices to meet their business or personal needs.

Looking Ahead

Since its founding in 2015, iPostal1 has been at the vanguard of the latest phase in the evolution of the concept of an office; namely, from a permanent physical space contained within four walls to any worldwide location that is most convenient for a customer to conduct business—and at any given time.

Our extraordinary growth is a testament to the value our customers derive from using our services to manage the communication processes so critical to their success. Turning to the future, we envision the development of new digital services to cost-effectively address other underserved needs of our customers. This should only further cement our relationships with customers, while benefiting our coworking partners

About iPostal1

iPostal1 is the leader in digital mailbox software as a service and mailroom management software. With over 3,000 virtual mailbox locations, iPostal1 is the largest digital mailbox service provider network worldwide. iPostal1 offers proven, proprietary technology that enables any mail center or business center to offer a mailbox address and mail services to customers who live anywhere.

iPostal1 marketing programs attract customers who sign up online for the virtual address or virtual office of their choice and then manage their postal mail and packages with our smartphone app or via tablet or computer. iPostal1 is the Premium Supplier of digital mailbox services for Retail Shipping Associates, the largest shipping store trade association with 7,000 member mailbox stores.

About USZoom

USZoom, LLC, the parent company to iPostal1 with home offices in Montebello, NY, has been developing digital mailbox software since 2007. USZoom also provides digital mailbox technology to business centers, colleges, and corporations.

To learn more about iPostal1 services, visit ipostal1.com.

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