iPostal1 Digital Mailbox service changing the way millions of consumers and businesses will manage their postal mail

May 12, 2015
For Immediate Release

Montebello, NY - Consumers and businesses will now be able to manage their postal mail and packages online, 24/7, from anywhere by signing up for a mailbox address at their local shipping store or at any shipping store in the iPostal1 network, soon to include mailbox locations in all 50 states. With a digital mailbox, also known as a virtual mailbox, customers can forward mail and packages with more control and flexibility, see a scan of mail content, and add a phone or fax line to create a virtual office or virtual address.

Today, individuals or families that want secure package delivery or the privacy of an alternative address and phone number, students on the go, expats living abroad, frequent travelers, RVers and boaters, as well as those who spend time at second homes or need to manage mail for elderly parents are all benefiting from the ease, immediacy and control of an iPostal1 digital mailbox. PO Box renters renters will definitely love the convenience of not having to go to their PO Box location to know what mail they've received.

Customers get a mailbox address at the shipping store that works just like a street address, where their mail is received and stored. Via a mobile app for Apple and Android, or on any tablet or computer, customers receive notification when new mail arrives and see an image of the outside of every item in their mailbox. With just a tap or click, they can forward mail or packages, scan or store a document, recycle or shred unwanted mail, or deposit a check. Monthly digital mailbox prices start at $9.99.

RS Associates selected iPostal1 by USZoom as the Premium Supplier for Digital Mailbox Service for its membership of over 7,200 shipping stores. "We are always looking for new ways that our member stores can better serve their customers and build their business", said Brandon Gale, President of Retail Shipping Associates. "iPostal1 brings postal mail into the digital age, giving shipping stores the ability to keep pace with technology and meet customers' expectations for digital solutions that save time and solve problems."

Jeff Milgram, CEO of USZoom, commented, "Our iPostal1 software has been battle-tested and continually improved at our own shipping store, serving 25,000 customers over the past 7 years. We are excited to be selected by RS Associates as a Premium Supplier and offer our software to the shipping store industry, which is perfectly positioned to introduce this revolutionary new way for millions of consumers and businesses to receive and manage their mail."

About USZoom, LLC

As the worldwide leader in digital mailbox software as a service, USZoom technology powers digital mailbox solutions for shipping stores and other mail centers including colleges, virtual offices, and corporations.

Our proprietary, cloud-based software addresses the needs of consumers and businesses to manage postal mail and packages online, 24/7 from anywhere with a mobile app or from any computer or tablet. The service features a user-friendly online Mail Manager interface that lets customers forward mail and packages, scan and store documents in the cloud, deposit checks and even add phone, fax or email for an 'all-in-one-place' solution.

It is fully integrated with back-end operations, so shipping stores and mail centers can provide great digital mailbox service easily and efficiently.

USZoom is located in Montebello, New York. For more information, mail centers please visit www.uszoom.com, consumers and business users please visit ipostal1.com.

About Retail Shipping Associates

Retail Shipping Associates (RSA) is the trade organization representing retail packing, shipping and business services stores. With a membership of over 7,200 locations in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, USVI and Puerto Rico, RSA provides training, carrier and vendor relations, support and advocacy for the industry. RSA membership is comprised of both independently owned and franchised stores (Pak Mail, Postal Annex, PostNet, Postal Connections, SafeShip, Goin' Postal, and The UPS Stores).

RSA selected iPostal1 as the Premium Supplier for Digital Mailbox Service due to their industry experience, management team, financial stability and superior technology and end-to-end automation for digital mailbox service. RSA believes iPostal1 is positione d to be the market leader and industry standard for what promises to be "the next generation of mail management".

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