Anytime Mailbox vs. iPostal1

Review and Comparison

Anytime Mailbox and iPostal1 both offer virtual mailbox services, but iPostal1 offers more addresses, more benefits, and a consistent set of plans and features at any address you choose. iPostal1 provides reviews and comparisons vs. other services to help you make an informed choice. We hope you find this Anytime Mailbox review of value.

Topline Summary

Anytime Mailbox offers mailing addresses at over 300 addresses. Every location sets its own pricing and decides what features it wants to offer, so anyone signing up with Anytime Mailbox must research very carefully the details of the plans offered at any address they are interested in. Address operators can change pricing and plan features at any time.

With iPostal1, you can select from over 800 real street addresses at professional pack & ship stores and executive business centers in professional office buildings. All locations offer the same set of features and benefits, with consistent plans and pricing for services. iPostal1 is the only digital mailbox service to offer real-time shipping price quotes for forwarding packages or mail, so there are never any surprises. iPostal1 is also the only digital mailbox service to offer plans that come with phone and fax.

Conclusion. iPostal1 applies national standards to deliver a consistent brand experience, no matter what address you choose. Anytime Mailbox lets each location pretty much do what they want when it comes to plans and pricing. iPostal1 also offers many more mail address locations and more digital mailbox features. The odds are high that you will have a better experience and get more for your money with iPostal1.

Company Overview

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox, founded in 2013, offers digital mailbox service at over 300 locations. Users access their digital mailbox with an app or go online to view and manage their mail. Anytime lets each mail center operator set its own plan elements and pricing, so there are no standards across the Anytime network. The founders do not have experience in the mailbox and shipping industry.


iPostal1 is the worldwide leader in the digital mailbox industry, introducing digital mailbox technology in 2007 at our own retail pack and ship store, and improving it every year since. Launched in 2015, iPostal1 is now the largest provider network with over 800 locations in the U.S. and abroad. The guiding principle for our business is to offer consistent plans, pricing, and features across all locations to make it simple and easy to choose the plan and location that best meets your need.

Mail and packages are received, stored and handled at your selected address. You view and manage your mail and packages with an app for iPhone or Android, or online. With a few clicks, you can request to open and scan, forward, shred, discard or pick up mail, and even deposit a check.

How iPostal1 is different vs. Anytime Mailbox

  1. Honesty in advertising. Anytime advertises a mailbox price on their home page starting at $5.99 per month, but good luck finding the one location that might offer this price - and who knows how many mail items per month are included, or what services are offered at what price. iPostal1 advertises a monthly price starting at $9.99, available at over 450 locations, that comes with 30 mail items per month and access to all services and features at the prices posted on our website.

  2. More addresses There are over 800 real street addresses in the iPostal1 network at professional pack & ship stores and executive business centers in prestigious office buildings, with new ones added weekly. Anytime Mailbox has over 300 address locations.

  3. Easier, simpler sign up. With iPostal1 you can choose your location and plan quickly and easily, with no worries about the fine print, because every iPostal1 location offers the same plans and the same service features. To sign up, you just have to answer two questions: how much mail you expect to receive per month and do you want a plan that includes phone and fax. With Anytime, plans, benefits, and services offered can vary from location to location, with fees for services buried in the details.

  4. More mail forwarding features. iPostal1 shows real-time shipping prices, so you can choose the carrier and level of service that best meets your needs and budget. No surprises and no guessing what it will cost to forward packages or mail. You can also consolidate multiple letters into one larger envelope or several packages into one box to save on shipping. Anytime does not show shipping prices and does not offer consolidation.

  5. Plans with local phone and fax. iPostal1 Virtual Office plans, for as low as $39.99 per month, that come with Digital Mailbox plus local or toll-free phone and fax number, to create a complete virtual office presence in 800 locations across the country. Get phone forwarding, digital voice mail messaging, and faxes delivered as PDF documents right to your Digital Mailbox. Anytime Mailbox does not offer anything like this.

Feature Comparison Chart: Anytime Mailbox vs. iPostal1

Feature iPostal1 Anytime Mailbox
Real street addresses Over 800 Over 300
Digital Mailbox Plan pricing $9.99 to $39.99 No standard pricing
Free mail items received per month 30 to 240 No standard mailbox plans
Plans that come with local phone and fax Starting at $39.99/month Not Available
Real-time shipping prices with choice of carriers Yes Not Available
Consolidate mail and packages to ship in 1 box Yes Not Available
Interior mail content scanning $2.00 for 6 pages Availability and pricing vary by location
Pick up mail $1.00 for multiple letters, $1.00/package Availability and pricing vary by location
Free mail and package storage 30 days Varies by location
Check Deposit by mail $4.95 for up to 5 checks plus postage Availability and pricing vary by location
Receive packages from any carrier Yes Yes
View and manage mail with an app or online Yes Yes
Shred mail $2.00 for 6 pages Availability and pricing vary by location

Help Me Decide

iPostal1 offers more addresses and more features vs. Anytime Mailbox, with consistent plans and pricing across the entire network of locations. iPostal1 has a fully-staffed customer service team available by phone, email or live chat to answer your questions or deal with any problems. Customers rate iPostal1 as 'Great' on Trustpilot. But don't take our word for it - check out the reviews for yourself.

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