iPostal1 Recertifies as Great Place To Work

In a time where company culture and employee satisfaction play an integral role in an organization’s success, being recognized as a Great Place To Work is not just an accolade; it's a testament to the commitment a company has toward its employees. iPostal1, digital mailbox industry pioneer, has achieved certification as a Great Place To Work for the second consecutive year, solidifying the company’s dedication to fostering an exceptional work environment.

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Validating Employee Satisfaction

Earning this certification involves a rigorous evaluation process. At least 60% of the company's workforce must actively participate in a comprehensive survey gauging their sentiments and experiences. To qualify, survey results must reflect a minimum of 70% favorable opinions regarding the company's culture, management, and overall work environment. For iPostal1, these criteria were not just met but exceeded.

In 2022, the company achieved an impressive 82% of employee respondents affirming that iPostal1 was unequivocally a Great Place To Work. This number reflected the company’s commitment to its workforce. Fast forward to 2023, and that endorsement has grown even stronger, with an overwhelming 87% of employees attesting to the company's exceptional workplace environment.

It’s worth noting that participation in the survey was voluntary, no company incentive was offered to encourage participation, and employees' responses were kept anonymous.

A Journey of Growth and Improvement

Highlighting the company's unwavering dedication to fostering a rewarding and dynamic workplace, iPostal1 achieved a remarkable 64% growth in employee headcount year over year. This influx of new team members is a testament to the company's reputation and its ability to attract top-tier talent as it maintains its preeminent leadership position in the digital mailbox industry.

Numbers are very telling, but the journey to becoming a Great Place To Work is not just about numbers. Listening to the voices of employees and continuously striving for improvement is much more important. iPostal1 recognized that participating in the Great Place To Work survey was not just about receiving accolades; it was about gaining insights. By actively engaging in this process, the company aimed to better understand its strengths, while more importantly, identifying areas for growth and refinement.

The Power of Improvement

In the previous year's survey, iPostal1 received valuable feedback from its employees, highlighting communication as a pivotal area for enhancement. Armed with this insight, the company embarked on a journey of improvement, prioritizing open communication channels, and fostering an environment where ideas and concerns could be freely exchanged.

This year's survey results reflected the results of the company’s efforts. The communication improvements were undeniable, marking a significant upward trend in employee satisfaction in this critical aspect. This transformation exemplified iPostal1's commitment to listening to its workforce and acting upon its feedback.

Celebrating Success and Unity

Being recognized as a Great Place To Work is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and iPostal1 did just that. In recognition of this achievement, the company organized a lively picnic and game-filled celebration, bringing together employees from all departments and levels. This event not only acknowledged the employees who contributed to the achievement but also fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie within the organization.

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Creating a Culture of Excellence

The fact that 87% of employees view the company as Always or Almost Always a Great Place To Work reflects their ratings of 17 statements in the survey. Among the many favorable responses were those expressing significant pride in their work and appreciation for the support they receive to perform at a high level. They also gave high marks to company management on the degree of innovation and integrity reflected in their leadership.

Receiving such high ratings firmly validates the company’s leadership approach. As Kelly Blaine, iPostal1’s Director of Human Resources, commented, “We have cultivated a unique company culture at iPostal1 that thrives on collaboration and respect. You can feel it when you walk through the door of any of our locations. It’s a place where our employees are trusted and given opportunities to learn, grow, and take on new challenges. Our culture is not just about work; it’s also about camaraderie, fun, and the sense of belonging to a community.”

Employees’ high rating of the support they receive reflects management’s focus on providing in-depth training that lays the foundation for successful performance. For example, Customer Service, the company’s largest division, has played a key role in its growth through its interactions with both current and prospective customers, as well as its mail center partners. This interview with iPostal1’s Director of Customer Service and Operations will provide insight into the company’s investment in training and supporting Customer Service staff.

Kelly added, “As we continue to grow, maintaining such an amazing culture is an absolute priority. No one ever wants to feel like they are just a number, and we make sure that doesn’t happen here. We make it a point to bring new hires to our corporate office for training to feel and live the culture. Each employee has the experience of interacting with our leadership team, and we emphasize making that connection.

“Our goal is to make sure every one of our employees understands how they contribute to the success of the organization and feels valued for what they bring to the table.”


In an era when workplaces are evolving and employee satisfaction is paramount, iPostal1's recertification as a Great Place To Work stands as a testament to its steadfast commitment to nurturing a positive and inclusive environment. Through active participation in the certification process, the company not only learned more about its strengths; it also gained insights into how to best capitalize on its opportunities for growth.

The journey from being a good workplace to becoming a truly great one is a continuous endeavor, requiring dedication, introspection, and action. iPostal1's achievement highlights the power of employee feedback, the significance of targeted improvements, and the celebration of shared success. In an ever-evolving professional landscape, iPostal1 showcases that a company's greatest asset is its people.

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iPostal1 is the leader in digital mailbox software as a service and mailroom management software. With over 3,000 virtual mailbox locations, iPostal1 is the largest digital mailbox service provider network worldwide. iPostal1 offers proven, proprietary technology that enables any mail center or business center to offer a mailbox address and mail services to customers who live anywhere.

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USZoom, LLC, the parent company to iPostal1 with home offices in Montebello, NY, has been developing digital mailbox software since 2007. USZoom also provides digital mailbox technology to business centers, colleges, and corporations.

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