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Market and grow your new business.

  • Register your business
  • Make it easy for prospects to find you
  • Use on your website, with search engines, and directories
  • Add multiple addresses in different cities for greater reach

Business address mailbox is perfect for:

  • Receiving, viewing and managing business mail remotely
  • Getting packages from any carrier
  • Entrepreneurs and home-based business owners
  • Foreign business entities

iPostal1 Digital Mailbox Plans

Virtual Mailing Address

With digital mailbox for me and my family.

Starting at




  • Get a real physical street address

  • View and manage your mail and packages from anywhere

  • Prevent mail and package theft

  • Protect your privacy

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Virtual Business Address

With digital mailbox for my business.

Starting at




Includes everything in Virtual Mailing Address plus:

  • Get mail in your business name

  • Use it to register your business

  • Upgrade your business image

  • Optional office building address

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Virtual Office

With digital mailbox plus phone and fax.

Starting at




Includes everything in Virtual Business Address plus:

  • Local or toll-free phone and fax

  • Call forwarding and voicemail

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Tailored offering for your company's specific needs.

Custom pricing

Available solutions include:

  • Digital mailroom

  • Software licensing

  • White-label partnerships

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* Plan pricing varies by "Standard", "Select", "Premium", or "Prestige" mailbox locations.

Business Address Locations

iPostal1 mailbox locations are professionally-staffed and secure. We can receive your mail and packages and then forward, scan, recycle, shred or let you pick them up. Access your digital mailbox using our app or website.

Choose from our network of over 3,000 locations or view only office buildings and workspaces or discounted international forwarding locations to save up to 80% on international shipping from the U.S.

Why is iPostal1 the #1 Digital Mailbox Service for Business?

iPostal1 and our parent company USZoom LLC have been pioneering Digital Mailbox service and mailroom management software since 2007! The iPostal1 network of mail center locations is the largest and fastest-growing with more than 3,000 business locations across the U.S. and abroad. iPostal1 has the most mailbox features and the best customer satisfaction ratings. We are BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

iPostal1, LLC BBB Business Review

Business Address Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Address?

A business address is a real address, not a PO Box, where a new business can be registered and can receive mail. A business address is not necessarily an address at which a company operates, but it can be.

An iPostal1 business address is a physical address at a professionally-staffed mailbox store or at a flexible co-working space in an office building. This business address can receive mail and package deliveries via any carrier, including UPS and FedEx.

Each iPostal1 virtual business address or virtual office is powered by iPostal1 proprietary technology, enabling businesses to view and manage their postal mail and packages remotely, either online or via a smartphone app. Forward mail and packages, open and scan mail content and discard mail, all with a tap or a click.

Why do I need a Business Address?

You need a business address to register a business, receive business mail, upgrade your company image, and protect your privacy. Your customers might also expect to find a company street address on your website.

You need a real street address to register your business, not a PO Box. A real street address also enables you to receive package deliveries via UPS and FedEx.

Having a real business address projects a much more professional image than using your home address. And as your business grows, do you really want all your prospects and customers to know where you live and have easy access to your home address?

Your business address could be near where you live or it could be an address in another city, state, or even country. Your choice of business address might depend on the location of your business market or on the tax advantages offered by a state or locale.

All iPostal1 business addresses are real street addresses. With more than 3,000 addresses in the U.S. and abroad, one of our addresses could be a perfect company address for your business.

Best of all, no matter which iPostal1 address receives your mail and packages, you can manage them remotely 24/7 from anywhere with our app or online.

How do I get an address for my new business?

There are many ways to get a new business address. Business address rental with iPostal1 is straightforward. It takes just a few minutes to rent your business address, and you'll be able to choose one address or multiple addresses for your new business.

Here are your five steps to get and use an iPostal1 business address:

  1. Choose a Business Address. Select from over 3,000 business addresses to rent in the U.S. and abroad, all real street addresses, not post office boxes. You can, if you wish, quickly and easily set up business mailing addresses in multiple locations to create a broader market presence and manage mail from all locations with one login.
  2. Choose a Plan. iPostal1 offers a choice of business address and virtual office plans based on how much mail you expect to receive a month. Our virtual offices provide you with a local or toll-free phone and fax number.
  3. Checkout. At checkout, provide your business contact information plus your credit card or PayPal account.
  4. File Form 1583. If you choose a U.S. address for your business, upload Form 1583 directly from your iPostal1 account. This form is required by the United States Postal Service, along with two forms of ID, to receive and manage your mail. iPostal1 helps you make this easy.
  5. Redirect your mail. If you have been using a dedicated business address, file a Temporary Change of Address form with your local post office or file online with the USPS. You can also redirect mail to your new business mailing address by informing business contacts of your business address change.

    Now you can:

  • View and Manage Your Mail from Anywhere 24/7. See your mail as soon as it is received. Use our free app or any computer to view an image of the outside of each mail item you receive. With a click or tap, tell your mail center what you want to do with each item: forward, scan, schedule a pickup, discard, or shred.
  • Receive Mail & Packages from Any Carrier. Because every iPostal business address is a real street address, not a standard postal box, you can receive mail and packages not only from the USPS, but also from FedEx, UPS and other carriers.
  • Add Locations with Just a Click. It’s fast and easy to add additional address locations for business or personal use. Manage mail for all locations from one login.

Can I sign up for multiple Business Addresses?

Yes. Once you complete your first iPostal1 business address signup, you will find an ‘Add Location’ button when you log into your account. Use that button to add additional business addresses. You can manage all of your business addresses from your one account.

You will need to file a separate USPS Form 1583 for each new business address. However, if you use our online notary service, you will get a discount on additional notarizations completed during the same session. All 1583’s and ID’s done through our online notary will be automatically uploaded to the correct mail center for processing.

Can two businesses share a Business Address mailbox?

No. The USPS only allows one business name per business mailbox account. You should create an iPostal1 business address mailbox for each of your businesses.

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