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  • Solo professionals, entrepreneurs, and the self employed
  • Small - Medium size businesses and startups
  • Companies looking to establish presence in other cities
  • Individuals and families
  • Travelers and vacationers
  • Expats and students

iPostal1 PO Box Online Better than a USPS PO Box Address

What do you get? What can you do? iPostal1 Virtual PO Box USPS PO Box Address
Get a real street address with your own box number Yes No*
Receive packages from any carrier Yes No
Manage your mail with a smartphone app or online Yes No
See a picture of every item in your mailbox Yes No
Scan mail content upon request and real online as PDF Yes No
Forward a letter or package when, where and how you want Yes No
Consolidate packages to save on re-shipping Yes No
Add phone forwarding or voice mail messaging Yes No
Securely store documents in the cloud. 2 GB free storage. Yes No
Discard or shred unwanted items Yes No
Deposit checks by email Yes No

*Not available at most USPS locations

Choose from 3 Virtual PO Box Plans

  • Virtual Mailing Address

    With Digital Mailbox for Me or My Family. Starting at $9.99/month.

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  • Virtual Business Address

    With Digital Mailbox for My Business. Starting at $9.99/month.

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  • Virtual Office

    With Digital Mailbox Plus Phone and Fax. Starting at $39.99/month.

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